The Terrain

1.2 million acres!! 4 Mountain Ranges!!

We’ve got it covered. Big open natural gladed tree lines,
high alpine bowls and glaciated runs.


Tree SkiingBearpaw heli tree skiing

Its 100% NATURAL here!!
Unlike nowhere else!! we don’t have to make tree skiing.
The unique climate in our area created large open forests, just right for super fun, fast and easy tree skiing. Guaranteed…you will be turned on. Currently our longest treed run ‘Full Suspension’ is 3800 vertical feet. Bearpaw… without a doubt is BC’s Premier tree skiing destination.

Bearpaw Heli-skiing high alpine bowls





High Alpine Bowls

You do the math…
4 mountain ranges
Treeline here is at 5000’ and the peaks rise to up to 9675’
Now that adds up to a lot!! of big high alpine bowls!

Glaciated Skiing

If wide open glacier gliders are your style, we have some glaciers in the far reaches of our tenure that have never been skied before. Our long glacier runs are all adjacent to some of BC's most beautiful magestic parks and will leave you awe struck and with tired legs.


Big Burnt Lines

Mother nature is very mysterious at times and so is skiing in these big burn lines. We have many burns that offer lots of vertical, wide open skiing, lots of visibility, a great place to be on a cold sunny powdery day. Its amazing…its unforgettable.





Did we mention the scenery?Bearpaw Heli Skiing scenery

Our tenure is adjacent to 7!! BC Provincial Parks No wonder it’s the best place on earth!

Kakwa Park
Monkman ParK
Wapiti Lake Park
Artcic Pacific Lake Park
Evanoff Park
Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Park
Close to the Edge Park




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The quick low down on Bearpaw Heli

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