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lookin hot on 'Hot Shots' Jeremy Bekken, Sean Cochrane & Dallas Hall unbuckling Kev's boots! Jeremy Bekken on Afterburner on 'The Burn' Sean Cochrane Jeremy Bekken & Sean Cochrane i didn't think you were suppose to ski past the guide? a new run for Bearpaw and its HOT difficult to get to but even harder to leave Mike Smith & Johnny Enemark Jeremy Bekken, Dave Nelson, Mike Smith, Johnny Enemark, Kev & Sean Fraser and Hannah girl. Dallas, Sean F and Sean C just another burnt line....oh yeah!! take off eh! scoping new lines we discovered a new area!! and its awesome!! Sean eating Jer's dust I love my job!! says heli pilot Sean Rickards every time he drops!! now this is tree skiing!!! feeling the burn the warm up now thats a rooster tail Dave Nelson getting psyched for more POW see what happens when Amber gets new skis

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